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Budokan Netherlands
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Robert Rohrey

Robert Rohrey "Shihan", started in 1972 at Budokan South Africa with karate, of which the basis goes back to Chojiro Tani of Shukokai. All Budokan students were grounded in this training. After returning to the Netherlands Rob started Budokan Netherlands, more than 40 years later the focus of Budokan Netherlands is still traditional Budo. Rob's Biography

Kyusho Jutsu

Traditional Japanese Karate-do has several disciplines, including Kyusho Jutsu. Shihan Robert Rohrey started studying Kyusho Jutsu - the art of attacking the internal energy pathways to paralyze the opponent's Ki - under Sensei Vince Morris in 1996. Rob is a certified Kyusho Jutsu instructor and former IIKR Coordinator for the Netherlands. The Art of Kyusho Jutsu

Koryu Jujitsu

The traditional Koryu Jujitsu schools of old taught not merely a defensive art, but the curricula comprised a very comprehensive range of tactics, for example classical jujitsu techniques were not designed to score points, but to be effective for increasing one's chance of survival, allowing an opponent minimal opportunity to counterattack. Old school Jujitsu

The Art of Kyusho Jutsu

Close combat Kyusho JutsuShihan Robert Rohrey has been studing Kyusho Jutsu (vital points techniques) - the art of attacking the body's internal energy pathways and nullifying an opponents Ki energy - under Sensei Vince Morris after attending one of his seminars in 1996. Rob is a Certified Kyusho Jutsu instructor and former IIKR Co√∂rdinator for the Netherlands. 

The IIKR (International Institute for Kyusho Jutsu Research) was established at the behest of experienced martial artists who after many years of training came to realise that many of the concepts and values within the art of Karate-do were either misunderstood or simply not available within the mainstream of sports orientated practice. The IIKR served to research and promulgated understanding of the dangerous and effective hitherto secret bunkai to the Kata.

The attack on the active points disrupt the normal flow of Qi through the meridians. Like a stone thrown into the water; a blow to a vital point can disrupt the flow of Qi through the meridian system. Such a disturbance of the meridian system has an impact on the inner harmony of the body, resulting in a physiological response. An important element in Kyusho Jutsu is the study of the reaction of the body when the active points are being attacked or being manipulated. Gaining this knowledge about the anatomy of the human being is an important part of Kyusho Jutsu and a study in itself. Instead of using force, we use the knowledge of the human body to overpower an opponent. Without the proper knowledge and understanding of the human body Kyusho Jutsu will not work.

Defending yourself by traumatizing active points in your opponent can not only cause severe pain but also unconsciousness and even death. NEVER under-estimate Kyusho Jutsu. The matter is not only tremendously complex and extensive but VERY dangerous. Avoid prolonged hitting or grabbing pressure points. Nobody knows what the effect is in the long-term. A solid basic training and extended research is therefore needed.

Budokan recognise and acknowledge Rob's history with respect and invited Rob to rejoin Budokan in 2020. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.